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smiLE Therapy Training

Karin Schamroth and the smiLE Therapy Team have trained Speech and Language Therapists (SLT), Special Needs Teachers, Mainstream Teachers, Teachers of the Deaf, SENCOs, Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists & SLT Assistants and Learning Support Assistants since 2008.

smiLE Therapy training will provide you with all you need to start delivering modules effectively with your students.

​​Who is smiLE Therapy Training for?

This training is for Teachers, Speech & Language Therapists (SLT), Occupational Therapists, SENCOs and Educational Psychologists. Special Needs Assistants, Learning Support Assistants & SLT Assistants are very welcome on the training if they attend together with a Teacher, Therapist or SENCO they work with.

Two Practitioners are needed to run every smiLE Therapy group session. At least one Practitioner must have completed smiLE Therapy training.

smiLE Therapy Training Includes:

  1. Day One and Day Two training, across x4 mornings online

  2. Individual phone mentoring to support you with delivering your first module

  3. How to run smiLE parent workshops’ training: 1.5 hours online, pre Day Three

  4. Day Three training, across x2 mornings online: approx 5-6 months after Day Two

  5. Ongoing CPD free access to termly Q&A online sessions: 1.5 hours 



The cost of smiLE Therapy Training is £600 for 2023 training. From 2024, the cost will be £700.

This also includes a copy of the book: smiLE Therapy: Functional Communication and social skills for deaf students and students with special needs, Schamroth with Lawlor, Routledge Publishing, Oct 2015 (retail price £48.99).

Discounts: Attend with colleagues that you work alongside from your workplace for a 8% discount, bringing the cost to £552/ person for 2023 training, and from 2024 the cost would be £644/ person. 

Training is online via Zoom. Participants will need a camera and microphone on their laptop or computer.


Email to book:


  • Book on one of our training dates listed

  • Arrange bespoke training for your NHS Trust, your local Council Education/Sensory Team, your school or workplace. This can be in-person or online.

  • Arrange smiLE Therapy mentoring to further develop your skills post training

NEXT DATES in 2023

smiLE Therapy Online Training


Day1 OCT 12th & 13th 2023 (mornings only 9-12) 

Day2 OCT 16th & 17th 2023 (mornings only 9-12)


Follow up from March Day 1 & 2 training

Day3 NOV 16th & 17th 2023 (mornings only 9-12)

2024 Dates

Day1 MAR 7th & 8th 2024 (mornings only 9-12) 

Day2 MAR 11th & 12th 2024 (mornings only 9-12)

smiLE Therapy free 1 hour online

Tasters for 2023

  • Taster Thursday 09.11.23 @3pm UK time

  •  University of East Anglia 19.10.23 

  • Taster Tuesday 10.10.23 @3pm UK time 

  • Taster New Zealand & Australia 20.07.23 

  • Beyond Autism 6th Form and Post-19 Team 06.07.23

  • Sheffield Comm. Learning Disability Team 04.07.23

  • The London Children's Practice SLTs 28.06.23

  • ​University College London Student SLTs 15.06.23

  • Taster 22.06.23 @3pm UK time 

  • NELFT NHS Waltham Forest 07.06.23

  • Taster 23.05.23 @3pm UK time 

  • Taster for New Zealand 10.05.23 8-9am local time

  • TODs, Sensory Service Team, Leicester City 

  • Taster 20.04.23 @3pm UK time 

  • Government of Jersey SLT Services 30.03.23

  • Taster 23.03.23 @3pm UK time 

  • Bristol Sensory Service Team 14.03.23

  • Taster 28.02.23 @3pm UK time 

  • Magic Words Therapy 23.02.23

  • Speaking Space SLT Practice 14.02.23

  • Taster 09.02.23 @3pm UK time 

  • Beyond Autism Schools Taster 07.02.23

  • Evelina, London NHS Service Taster 07.02.23

  • Taster 26.01.23 @3pm UK time

  • Birmingham University Taster 11.01.23

Email us:

to book training, arrange bespoke training at your workplace or to arrange a FREE Taster for your CEN / University / Education Authority / NHS Trust / School

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