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Karin Schamroth and team have trained all over the UK since 2008. We run training regularly at the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists, London and at The Ear Foundation, Nottingham. We provide bespoke training to your local team (NHS, Council, Independent Practice), school, college, university or Clinical Excellence Network.


We train Speech & Language Therapists, Specialist Teachers, Teachers of the Deaf, Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists, University Students, Communication Support Workers & Learning Support Assistants from Special Schools, Deaf Schools & Bases (oral/aural or signing),

Mainstream schools & 18-25 Colleges.

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About Us

Karin Schamroth works with deaf babies, pre-schoolers, primary and secondary aged students for Whittington Health (Haringey, North London). She graduated with a BSc from Manchester University in 1984, and taught English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) for 4 years. She qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 1990 from City University. She has worked with Deaf/hearing impaired children for 26 years, in a range of setting – units in mainstream schools (both Total Communication and Oral) and Deaf Schools (Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children, and currently Blanche Nevile School for Deaf Pupils, Haringey, London). Her background in TEFL teaching, with its structured test-teach-test communicative approach, was invaluable in the development of smiLE. In addition, she was trained by Jenny Mosley, at the first Quality Circle Time for Secondary aged pupils in 2002. This has had a significant influence on the group respect principles used in delivering smiLE Therapy. She was advisor for three MSc projects at City University on the effectiveness of the smiLE approach – Alton (2008), Lawlor (2009), Curtin (2018) and supported G. Medone with her MEd project at Birmingham University, School of Education, on the Assessing smiLE Therapy’s relevance to young people with autism, unpublished (2015).

Karin has trained Speech and Language Therapists, Teachers of the Deaf, Special Needs Teachers, Mainstream Teachers, SENCOs, Occupational Therapists, Communication Support Workers and Special Needs Assistants, to use smiLE Therapy since 2008. Karin, together with Emma Lawlor, wrote the first smiLE Therapy book, published in October 2015 by Routledge Publishing

Training Dates

  COURSES FOR 2019 :

  • smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training: Day 3 RCSLT, London May 17th 2019      

  • smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training: Day1 RCSLT, London November 14th 2019

  • smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training: Day2 RCSLT, London November 15th 2019    

  COURSES FOR 2020 :

  • smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training: Day 3 RCSLT, London April 24th 2020 


  Bespoke smiLE Therapy Day 1 Training:  

  • Manor School, Brent, 6th September 2019

  • City University student SLTs , 13th Sept 2019

  • Phoenix School, Tower Hamlets, 18th Oct 2019

  • Bradford District Care NHS FT ,1st Nov 2019

  • Greenwich&Bexley, Oxleas NHS, 5th Nov 2019

  Bespoke smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training:

  • Islington, Whittington Health, 6/12,9/12 &Jun 2020

​  Bespoke training not open to the public


  smiLE Therapy Taster sessions for 2019:

  • London ASD CEN, Friends House, Euston, 1st April 2019

  • City University PostGrad SLTs, 4th April 2019

  • Special Schools CEN, 3rd June 2019

  • London Secondary SLT CEN, RCSLT, 28th June 2019

  • Essex Uni SLTs, 5th July 2019


 To book on a training or to arrange bespoke training     at your school or workplace email       info@smiletherapytraining.com  or please contact us