smiLE Therapy

strategies and measurable interaction in Live English

smiLE Therapy: Functional communication and social skills for deaf students and students with special needs
Karin Schamroth with Emma Lawlor
Routledge, 2015

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Available from Routledge Publishing and through major booksellers


We are delighted to announce NEW short courses for 2022: 

  • Day One training refresher & Post Day Three training refresher

  • FREE CPD for those who are Post Day Three smiLErs: 

    • Q&A Sharing Practice 

    • Maximising impact in parent workshops

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  • September 2021 Congratulations to Sandra Redman for presenting her smiLE Therapy Projects with Children & Young People with Downs Syndrome to an online conference in Amsterdam on late language development.

  • January 2020 Congratulations to Casey Jackson for her article in BATOD magazine " ... but what about generalization?" where she shares details of a project using smiLE Therapy, conducted collaboratively with colleagues Tim Meaden (QTOD), Lisa Salter (Specialist Teaching Assistant) and deaf students.

  • 27th & 28th September 2019 European conference for European Federation of Associations of Teachers of the Deaf (FEAPDA) in North Macedonia. Martina Curtin ran a one-hour workshop on smiLE Therapy for delegates on 27th and on 28th, she presented her fabulous research findings "Training parents in smiLE Therapy: What impact does it have on deaf children's abilities in maintaining and generalising their skills?" 

  • 25th September 2019 Martina Curtin presented at the National Conference for the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists, Nottingham, on her research "Training parents in smiLE Therapy: What impact does it have on deaf children's abilities in maintaining and generalising their skills?" 

  • 24th June 2019 Deaf Children Now Conference, Manchester University: Training parents in smiLE Therapy: Generalising deaf children’s social communication skills, Martina Curtin & Karin Schamroth 

  • May 2019: Martina Curtin presents at the South East of England Clinical Excellence Network, at City University, on the results of her research. Fabulous quantitative data and qualitative data. We look forward to seeing your work published this year.

  • 7th November 2018 Social Thinking Conference, London. Role Playing in context and practise: Joanna Hoskins and Karin Schamroth. Role play as a powerful tool in language interventions, using smiLE Therapy as an example.

  • See BATOD magazine January 2018  'A day in the life of a teenager at the Royal School for the Deaf Derby' by Helen Starczewski & Caroline Mitchell illustrating how the school’s communication policy works in practice in the Secondary School Department throughout the day through the eyes of a pupil. Includes a smiLE Therapy group developing communication skills for ordering a drink in a cafe independently with confidence.


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COURSES for 2021:

smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training: Day 1


Thurs 11 Nov & Fri 12 Nov 2021 (mornings only 9-12)

smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training: Day 2


Mon 15 Nov & Tues 16 Nov 2021 (mornings only 9-12)​ 

smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training: Day 3


Thurs 9 Dec & Fri 10 Dec 2021 (mornings only 9-12)


smiLE Therapy is a structured, specific therapy for students with special communication needs.  It focuses on the ‘live’  face-to-face interaction between these students and people unfamiliar with their needs, in everyday life situations. Originating in the work of Karin Schamroth and Laura Threadgill, Specialist Speech and Language Therapists in 2002, smiLE Therapy was developed specifically for Deaf/hearing impaired students.

Since 2009, Karin Schamroth has adapted smiLE Therapy for children, young adults and students up to age 25, who are hearing and have other communication needs due to Developmental Language Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Physical Disabilities and Austistic Spectrum Disorders.

smiLE Therapy teaches specific communication strategies to manage real situations, such as at the newsagent, in an office, cafe, train station, asking for directions etc. with confidence. smiLE Therapy is systematic, fulfills the learning needs of students and has clear goals and outcomes.

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 DAY ONE REFRESHER ONLINE : For post Day One trained   Practitioners who would like a refresher 

  • 25.01.22 from 9-12 online. Cost £45. Email us to book.

  • 23.02.22 from 9-12 online. Cost £45. Email us to book.

  • 15.03.22 from 9-12 online. Cost £45. Email us to book.

 POST DAY THREE REFRESHER ONLINE : For post Day Three trained Practitioners who would like a refresher 

  • 31.03.22 from 9-12 online. Cost £45. Email us to book.


NEW free CPD for post-Day 3 smiLErs

Q&A sharing practice: Join us to ask questions, solve problems & innovate on your smiLE Therapy journey. 

  • 19.01.22 from 3-5pm online. Email us to register.

  • 26.04.22 from 3-5pm online. Email us to register

Running smiLE Therapy parent workshops: Learn how to run parent workshops for maximum impact. 

  • 08.03.22 from 3.30-5pm online. Email us to register.



  • smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training ONLINE:

       Day1 NOV 11th & 12th (mornings only) 2021

  • smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training ONLINE:

       Day2 NOV 15th & 16th (mornings only) 2021

  • smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training ONLINE:   

       Day3 DEC 9th & 10th (mornings only)



  • smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training ONLINE:

       Day1 FEB 3 & 4 (mornings only 9-12) 2022

  • smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training ONLINE:

       Day2 FEB 7 & 8 (mornings only 9-12) 2022

  • smiLE Therapy Practitioner Training ONLINE:   

       Day3 MARCH 24 & 25 (mornings only 9-12) 


   smiLE Therapy free 1 hour 'Taster sessions' for 2021

  • Cambridge EAR CEN, Tues 23rd Feb 2021 online

  • Birmingham Uni, Dept. of Education, 11th March online

  • NW CEN Deafness, Wed 17th March 2021 online

  • The Highland Council, 9th June 2021 online

  • University College London, Psychology and Language Sciences, 17th June 2021 online

  2021 BESPOKE smiLE Therapy Training 

  • 21 Together Charity, 19th June 2021

  • Homerton Uni Hosp&Hackney Ed,14th & 15th October 2021

  • Oxleas NHS Trust, 25&26 November 2021


   Bespoke training not open to the public

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